Napptive Alternative

Napptive recently closed the door on their users, leaving devs high and dry. There's hope, though, in the form of this AiO dev platform.
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Napptive, a framework billing themselves as an Internal Developer Platform, recently sent out an email informing users that they’re closing their doors on March 6, 2024.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t give their users any alternative, which means many Napptive users have no idea where to take their projects to.

But fear not, we’ve got your back.

In 2020, a company called Appstrax created a platform called Code Capsules, which allows stack developers to build, deploy and scale their MEAN / MERN / MEVN stack from a single platform.

That’s right, kids! You don’t need three different platforms (some of the most popular being Netlify, Heroku and Atlas) for your stack dev.

Simply sign up for Code Capsules and do all of your building, deployment and scaling from a single platform. Yes, frontend, backend and database, all on a single platform.

But Code Capsules offers more than just a platform for freelance developers.

It’s perfect for stack development teams to manage all of their apps from a single dashboard.

So if you’re a dev lead, sign up for Code Capsules and get your whole team on board, with access control.