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How To Add Custom Fonts To Your Wordpress Website

How To Add Custom Fonts To Your WordPress Website

In this post I show you how to add custom fonts to your website if you’re not using Elementor. With the options in this post you can only add Google Fonts, but there are so many Google Fonts that you’d be hard pressed to not find what you’re looking for.

How To Add Html Tables To A Wordpress Page Or Post

How To Add HTML Tables To A WordPress Page Or Post

HTML tables offer a common sense method of sharing tabulated data with your readers. Here are three ways to add them to your WordPress posts or pages. You might think a dedicated HTML tables plugin is the best tool for the job, but the last option in this post is superior.

How To Add Custom Fonts To Elementor

How To Add Custom Fonts To Elementor

Elementor Pro comes with most Google Fonts available. But sometimes you come across a font that’s not on Google Fonts and you want it. Well, you may have it. Here’s how.

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