Is email marketing still a thing? Let the numbers speak

You might be wondering whether email is still a valid tool for marketing your products or services. Let's take a look at some numbers to see where you should fall on the issue.
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Every so often, we read that social media has round-the-house-kicked-to-the-face email marketing and sent it to that big marketing party in the sky.

Email is dead, they say. You should be focusing on social media. Or the metaverse. Or the blockchain. Or Tik Tok. Or this new thing; hey wait a second, what’s that over there?

Here’s the thing, though…

Numbers don’t lie.

You may choose to ignore them; you may even slander them, uppercut them in the liver, and waterboard them.

They’ll still keep telling the truth.

So, let’s take a look at some basic email marketing numbers.

These are numbers from automatic RSS campaigns, which we set up for our clients using MailerLite.

We’ve hidden the names of our clients, but there’s no sleight of hand here. These are all real numbers.


Here are a few definitions, so you don’t get lost in the terminology. We don’t cover ALL of the definitions in our breakdown. We only offer numbers for the following metrics:

  • Total emails sent
  • Opened
    • Open rate
  • Clicked
    • Click rate
  • Unsubscribed

If the numbers don’t convince you that the low-cost RSS-to-email solution from MailerLite can help you get much more traffic, and consequently, many more sales, nothing will.

Remember, the clicks from the email campaigns to the websites in these campaigns didn’t cost the client the time it requires to create standard email campaigns.

They simply had to add content to their website in the form of articles. MailerLite took care of sending the emails.

It’s one of the best automated marketing solutions on the market. And it’s cheap.

Click-through rate (CTR)

CTR is a metric used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign. It is calculated as the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad was displayed (impressions). CTR is expressed as a percentage.

Email click rate

The email click rate is the number of clicks on links within an email divided by the number of email recipients who received the email. It measures the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign in terms of engagement.

Signup rate

The signup rate is the number of people who complete a signup form or process divided by the number of people who were presented with the form or process. It is a measure of the conversion rate for a signup process and is used to assess the effectiveness of various marketing strategies.

Number of clients

The number of clients refers to the total count of customers or clients that a business has. It is used to gauge the size and growth of a business.

Number of emails sent

The number of emails sent refers to the total number of emails that were sent by a sender. This metric can be used to track the overall volume of email communication and can be helpful in measuring the success of an email marketing campaign.

Average click-through rate

The average click-through rate is the average of the click-through rates for multiple advertising campaigns or periods of time. It provides a general sense of the overall effectiveness of a company’s online advertising efforts.

Average email click rate

The average email click rate is the average of the email click rates for multiple email campaigns or periods of time. It is a measure of the overall engagement with email marketing efforts.

Unsubscribe rate

The unsubscribe rate is the number of people who opt-out of receiving further emails from a sender divided by the number of email recipients. It is a measure of the dissatisfaction with an email marketing campaign and can indicate a need for improvement.

Client data

For the purpose of this post, I aggregated data for 100 campaigns sent by seven clients who use MailerLite for their email marketing.

The clients cover the following niches:

  • Agriculture
  • Outdoor gear
  • Community development
  • Motor vehicle garage equipment
  • Real estate
  • Home construction
  • Physical marketplace

These MailerLite accounts are all RSS-to-email setups, which allow these clients to keep posting content to their blogs, and leave the tedious newsletter creation functionality to MailerLite.

It’s a phenomenal way to build your newsletter list AND grow website traffic.

Let’s take a look at the data…

Emails sent

These are the automated emails sent by clients. Remember, these email campaigns were not created by hand. MailerLite does the hard work for you by taking your RSS feed and turning it into a presentable email newsletter.

  • 20,973 emails sent

Emails opened

Of those 20,973 emails that were sent, 5,603 were opened.

Open rate

That’s an average open rate of 31.89%. That is a GREAT open rate. Almost 32 out of a hundred people opened emails sent by these entities.

  • Lowest open rate: 13.75%
  • Highest open rate: 68.75%

Emails clicked

As far as the inbox goes, this is a super important metric.

Of the hundred campaigns, there were a total of 1,292 clicks.

That means recipients clicked that number of times from the email, to the website, or to the web version of the email. Usually, the clicks are directly to the website.

That’s an average of 13.05 clicks per campaign sent. Not bad.

What you must take into account, is that none of these campaigns were created by professionals.

My clients simply kept posting content to their blogs. In some cases, the content was worth gold, in others, not so much.

However, it’s a set-and-forget type of marketing, so it’s absolutely worth investing time in.

Click rate

The average click rate was 9.71%.

  • Lowest click rate: 0%
  • Highest click rate: 30.77%


Of 20,973 emails sent, only 114 people unsubscribed. Considering this is for seven clients, that’s only about 16 unsubscribes per client.

In conclusion

As you can see, email marketing is still relevant.

Now, if you were forced to spend time creating email campaigns, these numbers would probably not look so attractive.

But the fact that these campaigns are automated from content you add to your website, makes this a no-brainer.

Get going with your MailerLite account today, set up your RSS-to-email newsletter and start drawing more traffic to your website.